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Our Story

Today we dedicate our time perfecting the science and art of coffee roasting and blending from our Melbourne headquarters. But our story really began over fifty years ago, on the other side of the world, when a family of eight set out to cross the seas and begin a new life in a foreign country. Their first venture on Australian soil was a milk bar, and from this, their lives took a new direction.

Over the years they embraced the Melbourne lifestyle, enthusiastically contributing to the mosaic of cultures that has made Australia’s culinary capital the rich and diverse city it is today. Discovering a dynamic and sophisticated variety of culinary options, their venues helped cultivate the world-famous Melbourne cafe scene. It wasn’t long before coffee became a central focus and passion. A quest to create world-class coffee blends and brews took hold. Inspired by the adventures and experiences of life, Rubia coffee was born.

At Rubia we believe that when it comes to coffee beans, quality and craftsmanship always takes precedence. Blending, roasting and brewing coffee is an art and a science rolled into one. We are proud to say we have mastered this technique. Our beans grace tables and venues across Australia and the world. Expertly crafted and packed with a lifetime of passion, Rubia coffee is exceptional coffee fit for the world.


Inspired by the experiences of a life well-lived, our beans are blended 

and roasted with equal measures art and science to create coffee 

you will obsess over.


Our Blends


Come and sample our fantastic blends and rotating Single Origin, as well as our blends of Teas and Chai. We're sure you'll find something you'll love.

Rubia Coffe An Honest Pour coffee blend


As honest as the day is long, this bona fide brew represents the truest expression of the coffee roaster’s craft. Roasted with passion and blended for balance, this premium blend has been known to make an honest person out of even the most stubborn amongst us.

Rubia Coffee The Common Man coffee blend


We’re responsibly raising the bar on character and taste with a blend adored by one and all. With a nod to the longstanding tradition of drinking great coffee with good friends, The Common Man will have you stepping back and focusing on the more important things in life.

Rubia Coffee The Straight Six coffee blend


Reliability will never be obsolete. Like your dad’s old Kingswood or a watch that keeps perfect time, The Straight Six is the blend you can count on. Masterfully roasted and loaded with high-grade beans to fuel your life on the go, this straight shooter will never let you down.

Rubia Coffee Working Class Hero coffee blend


No legacy is as rich as one built on hard work and determination. Bringing a superb robust complexity, Working Class Hero is the manifestation of generations of knowledge and passion all filtered down into one deeply, satisfying brew. This one’s for the everyday battlers, everywhere.